20 February 2012

The Real Queen

They all sat on the seat
That my grandmother owned
But they all vacated the seat
To find a proper place to sit
Because the seat was not suitable for them to own
For the real queen was born
My only sweet loving grandmother

Short as an infant’s shoe
Quick as a gun shot
Strong as a Mahindra truck
Funny as a qualified comedian
Always smiling like a bride on her wedding day
Proudly showing her missing teeth
With that twinkle in her eye
Which shines like a diamond

Some people confuse her to be American
But she is a real African queen
A queen who most hate
But loves all
Her light colour reminds many
Of the Asian princesses
Even her greatest enemies
Have turned up to be her best friends
Because they just can’t resist her beauty
Her god given beauty
The only queen in Africa
My Grandmother!

By Tsaone Garegae, Form 3 Student

[In English club I like to have writing workshops every now and then.  Some of the students' work is cute, funny, and/or impressive, so I'm sharing it with you.  Keep in mind that English is these students' second, third, or even fourth language.  I am posting these exactly as written, including misspellings and other grammar/language mistakes.]

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