Wish List

Here is a list of things I have missed during my time here so far. So if the economy starts looking up anytime soon, or you find 20 bucks in a parking lot, or your wallet is just too fat and you need to spend some of that money, here are some ideas of what to send.

(Scroll down for tips on mailing packages.)

Note: A few things that were sent to me awhile ago have yet to make it to me.  So if you have not received a "thank you" from me yet, I promise I'm not being rude, the post can just be reeeeeally slow.

Update: My service ends in June of this year, so just to be safe, please don't send any packages after the first week of May - I might not receive them.

• Letters.  Nothing beats reading a letter after a long day at work.

Music or DVDs. Flash drives and CDs can be mailed cheaply in a small padded envelope. Anyone have a pirated copy of the last Harry Potter movie?

Magazines (Anything to keep me up-to-date with current events... in fashion, that is.)

Stickers for my students.

Food: Trail mix, ground coffee (omg Starbucks), seasoning packets (ranch, pasta salad, taco, etc.), Oreos, etc.

Pictures of you!

Hugs. I am on a huge hug deficit. Just throw one into a box, seal one in a letter, or slap one on a postcard! I will be sure to send you one in return.

Mailing Tips
  • The Flat Rate boxes seem to be the best deal to mail things in.  If you're just mailing something little or light though, a padded envelope won't be expensive at all.
  • When describing what you're sending, make it sound as boring as possible.  "Used Educational Supplies" are much less likely to get stolen than "Super Cool Expensive Stuff From America!!!!"
  • If possible, wrap up anything in a plastic grocery bag.  I think one of my packages fell out of the airmail plane and into the Atlantic Ocean, and I'm still drying the magazines out.
  • Let me know whenever you send anything so I can keep my eye out for it!