24 February 2012

My Brother

My brother’s name is Herrence Modo.  He is a handsome boy with big ears, light in complexion and short in height.  Herrence is eleven years old, he is doing standard five at Tlhabologo Primary School at Gaborone West.

He is clever.  He usually performs with grade A and B at school.  His favourite subject is Mathematics and his favourite food are noodles, cake, hot wings, and instant porridge.  Herrence like to play with toys, tv game, play cricket and playing racing cars on a computer.  His role model is my uncle.  A pet that he like most is a dog.  He is so clever like a dictionary that he could help me with some difficult words.  Herrence is a person who is active in everything that he does, and he is not as lazy as I am.  He likes to help my mother to do some things like sweeping, cooking and washing clothes.  And he is a person who likes to do good things that will benefit him in life.

I like my brother because he is a responsible person, he is as handsome as a fresh banana and he always obey his parents and his sister, who is me.

By Ofinah K. Modo, Form 2 Student

[In English club I like to have writing workshops every now and then.  Some of the students' work is cute, funny, and/or impressive, so I'm sharing it with you.  Keep in mind that English is these students' second, third, or even fourth language.  I am posting these exactly as written, including misspellings and other grammar/language mistakes.]

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